Heat & Eat Cashback

Crave Heat & Eat Cashback enables you to Buy 2 heat & eat, ready-made meals at any food retailer either in-store or online and get up to R120 cashback on the second most expensive meal.*

This temporary benefit, implemented to assist our Dining Cashback members during lockdown, is valid until further notice and may be redeemed up to a maximum of once/day, depending on your benefit tier.

1. Beef Oxtail
2. Beef Stroganoff
3. Single ready-made Pizza e.g. Hawaiian, Regina, Margherita etc.
4. Casseroles
5. Chicken a la King
6. Cottage Pie
7. Curry and Rice e.g. Chicken, Beef, Thai, Butter Chicken etc.
8. Single ready-made family Pie e.g. Pepper Steak, Chicken and Mushroom, Vegetable etc.
9. Pastitsio
10.Lasagne – Beef, Chicken, Vegetable
11.Macaroni & Cheese
12.Oven Bakes e.g. Chicken, Vegetable, Chicken and Broccoli etc.
14.Pastas e.g. Alfredo, Ravioli, Cannelloni, Chicken Milano, Bolognaise, Carbonara, Meatballs, Chicken and Bacon etc.
15.Quiche e.g. Lorraine, Spinach and Feta
16.Ready-made soup e.g. Minestrone, Chicken, Chicken Noodle, Farm-style, Butternut etc.
17.Risottos – Fish, Meat, Vegetable
18.Salads e.g. Caesar, Chicken, Greek, Italian, Pasta etc.

This list is subject to change

NB: Please note the revised benefit redemption process below.

  1. Visit https://tinyurl.com/heat-and-eat  
  2. Select “Authorise Purchase” and enter the requested details
    (Any brick & mortar or online food retailer qualifies)
  3. No authorisation code will be sent to you or is required
  4. Purchase your 2 qualifying ready-made meals in-store or online at any food retailer
    (Please enquire regarding the eligibility of your meal before claiming should you feel unsure)
  5. Return to https://tinyurl.com/heat-and-eat
  6. Select “Claim”, upload a picture of the receipt, circling the qualifying ready-made meals
  7. Receive your refund up to R120 within 72 working hours from Crave
  1. The Heat & Eat benefit will be valid until lockdown restrictions on restaurants for delivery/takeaway are lifted, or until further notice.
  2. Refund claims are processed by Crave. Please refer all benefit queries to Crave.
  3. You are entitled to the benefit as often as your Dining Cashback benefit allows, up to a maximum of once per day.
  4. The Heat & Eat Cashback benefit entitles you to a refund on the second most expensive ready-made meal, provided:
    1. No less than 2 ready-made meals are purchased; and
    2. You are at least 18 years of age; and
    3. You have not exceeded your claims for that day/month (where applicable)
  5. The refund will be calculated as the second most expensive ready-made meal on the receipt, up to a maximum of R120.00 (one hundred and twenty Rand).
  6. Your claim will be processed within 72 working hours. Please note that claims received on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday require an additional days processing time.
  7. The Heat & Eat Cashback benefit:
    1. Is applicable to ready-made meals purchased from any brick & mortar or online food retailer. We shall be entitled, in our sole and absolute discretion, to amend the eligibility of retailers and/or meals. We shall endeavour to promptly update our website as and when any changes are made; and
    2. Is restricted to heat & eat, ready-made meals only, comprising a pre-packaged, multi-ingredient fresh or frozen meal that requires heating before being served, or alternatively, a ready-made, multi-ingredient salad. Please review the example list of permitted items before your purchase; and
    3. Can only be used maximum once per day (benefit tier dependent); and
    4. Is not applicable with any special offers, promotions, discount vouchers or loyalty programs; and
    5. Is subject to change at any time; and
    6. Applies to items purchased on one receipt only
  8. Please enquire regarding the eligibility of your meal before claiming should you feel unsure
  9. A maximum of two memberships may be used per receipt, provided they are under different names. Each member must request their own authorisation prior to purchase and claim separately. Your refund will be calculated as follows:
    1. Discount 1: 2nd most expensive ready-made meal on the receipt up to a maximum of R120;
    2. Discount 2: 4th most expensive ready-made meal on the receipt up to a maximum of R120
  10. Claim refunds:
    1. Must be submitted within one calendar month of your purchase; and
    2. Shall be deposited by Crave into the bank account in the name of the member only; and
    3. Must include the original purchase receipt clearly displaying the retailer name, receipt number, date and time (card receipts not accepted). At our discretion, we may ask for proof of payment to be submitted along with any pro-forma invoices that are submitted e.g. credit card slip, Masterpass, Zapper or Snapscan receipt, cash receipt; and
    4. Will not be processed if the details on your receipt (retailer name, date) do not match your authorisation or if the time of payment is over 12 hours from your authorisation time. Should you wish to reschedule your intended retailer purchase date/time, please complete the process again. Backdated authorisations are not allowed.
  11. Crave accepts no responsibility for the quality of service and/or meals. Furthermore, Crave will not become involved in any non-Crave related disputes between Members and retailers.
  12. Crave processes and terms and conditions may be amended. We reserve the right to restrict claims.
  13. Failure to adhere to, or any attempt to circumvent the Crave terms and conditions, will result in your claim being denied and your membership being terminated.


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