How it Works

After selecting one of our membership options, follow the steps below to redeem your 241 Dining benefit:

  1. Choose a 241 Dining restaurant (241 Dining partners are indicated with
  2. Request an authorisation code prior to dining.
  3. Visit the restaurant, order & pay for your meals at full price.
  4. Download & complete a Dining Claim Form. Complete & return to us by fax or email on the details provided.
  5. Claims are paid within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) from Crave.
Bonus! Every time you use your Crave 241 Dining benefit, we will feed a child for a day through JAM (Join Aid Management - 

Use one of the following methods to request your authorisation code prior to dining:

  • USSD - Dial *120*XXX# & follow the prompts to enter your details & receive your authorisation code (USSD is charged at 20c/20s)
  • Call – Call 0861 990 006 and chat to an agent
We need the following info related to your intended restaurant visit: 
  • Full name e.g. John Smith
  • Restaurant name and area e.g. Keg & Trout – Hillcrest, KZN
  • Intended restaurant visit date e.g. 10 April
  • Intended restaurant visit time e.g. 7pm
Note: Please note that your authorisation is not a booking.  If required, please make a booking directly with the restaurant. Claims are processed by Crave and not the restaurant at which you dine. Restaurants are not educated on this benefit as it is administered by Crave. Please refer all benefit queries to Crave. Claims will not be processed without an authorisation code requested prior to your restaurant visit or if the benefit terms and conditions are not adhered to.  
  1. The 241 Dining benefit entitles you as an active member to a discount on the cheaper of the main meals, provided: 
    1. you are dining with at least one other person; and 
    2. no less than 2 main meals and 2 drinks are purchased per (physical or digital) card from the participating restaurant concerned; and 
    3. you have not exceeded your visits for that month (where applicable). 
  2. The discount is equal to the cost of the cheapest main meal ordered by your party, subject to a maximum discount of R100.00 (one hundred Rand). 
  3. The 2 for 1 Dining benefit: 
    1. can only be redeemed at participating restaurants. We shall be entitled, in our sole and absolute discretion, to amend the list of participating restaurants from time to time. We shall endeavour to promptly update our website as and when any changes are made; 
    2. is based on the participating restaurants standard prices and is not applicable with any special offers, promotions, gift cards or loyalty programs; 
    3. cannot be used when purchasing takeaways; 
    4. may have restrictions (including availability restrictions) and exclusions imposed on certain restaurants e.g. Lunch only, Mondays only, Excluding Valentine's Day etc. Please view the individual restaurant pages on the Crave website for offer validity, exclusions and restrictions; 
    5. can be used multiple times in one day but not more than once in the same restaurant on the same day (where applicable). 
  4. Two Crave cards may be used per table (1 card per 2 people) at the majority of Crave partner restaurants. Certain restaurants however may impose a 1 card limit. Please view restrictions on the individual restaurant pages on the Crave website for more details. 
  5. In instances of bookings with multiple cards, the restaurant concerned may impose additional requirements on party size. This can be confirmed with the Crave concierge when booking. 
  6. In instances of bookings with more than card, one member must call to authorise and book on behalf of the other members, provided they are able to produce all the respective membership numbers. 
  7. In instances of tables with more than 2 patrons, separate bills will not be permitted. 
  8. No sharing of main meals is permitted when using the Crave benefit. 
  9. You are required to contact the Crave concierge prior to dining to: 
    1. authorise your membership (invalid memberships will be declined authorization); 
    2. check availability of the offer; 
    3. determine whether restrictions or exclusions apply at the restaurant at which you intend dining; 
    4. make a booking, where possible. 
  10. Telephonic bookings - must be done at least 15 minutes prior to intended dining time. Online bookings - must be done at least 1 hour prior to intended dining time. Should you wish to dine within a shorter period of time, please call us to book. Some restaurants do require an extended booking notice. This can be confirmed with the Crave concierge when booking. Discount may not be granted if insufficient notice is given. 
  11. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule a booking please contact the Crave concierge prior to your original booking time. 
  12. Upon arrival at the restaurant and prior to being seated, you must produce your valid Crave membership card with Backbeat Dining logo and confirm the authorisation/booking with the Manager. The card must be produced again upon requesting the bill with the waitron. 
  13. Cards are non-transferable. Restaurants reserve the right to ask for proof of ID. Card validity will be checked and any invalid cards will result in your discount being denied. 
  14. Participating restaurants reserve the right to vary prices, times and availability of the Dining benefit. 
  15. Crave accepts no responsibility for the quality of service and/or meals at any of our dining partners. Furthermore, Crave will not become involved in any non-Crave related disputes between members and dining partners. 
  16. Failure to adhere to, or any attempt to circumvent the Crave terms and conditions, will result in your membership being terminated. 

The 241 Dining benefit redemption process may differ at certain restaurants. Any change will be communicated upon booking. In consideration of service rendered at the restaurant, a gratuity of at least 10% based on the original bill would be appreciated.



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