How it Works

If you don’t have Zapper installed, visit Zapper to download & install Zapper on your compatible smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows  Phone). First-time Zapper users will receive a once-off R25 voucher from Zapper that can be used in conjunction with the Crave 241 Coffee benefit.

Provided that Zapper was installed by the 15th of the month, your Crave 241 Coffee voucher will be sent to you on the 1st of the month after your benefit is activated. Your voucher will appear under “My vouchers” which can be accessed via the green Vouchers section of your Zapper app. Your voucher will be automatically selected when you purchase at participating partners. After you receive your voucher:

  1. Choose a Crave 241 Coffee partner (indicated with )
  2. Visit the Crave 241 Coffee partner & order 2 coffee’s
  3. Scan your bill using Zapper (Note: Your bill does not reflect your Crave 241 Coffee discount - the total adjusts to reflect the discount after scanning. Should your purchase not meet the Crave 241 Coffee benefit criteria, you are required to uncheck your voucher before paying)*
  4. Pay & Go using Zapper
  5. Enjoy your discounted coffee!

Bonus! Every time you use your Crave 241 Coffee benefit, we will feed a child for an entire day through JAM (Joint Aid Management -

NB: Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the terms of the offer prior to making use of the benefit.

  1. The Crave 241 (2 for 1) Coffee Benefit utilises Zapper ( to facilitate discounting. You are required to download and install the Zapper app onto a compatible smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) in order to access the Benefit. Zapper Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. The Benefit entitles a Crave 241 Coffee member to buy one coffee and get one free.
  3. You are required to spend a minimum of R30 to qualify for your discount. 
  4. Where both coffees differ in price, the discount is calculated as 50% of the total cost of both coffees, up to a maximum discount of R25.
  5. Your Benefit voucher is sent to your Zapper inbox on a monthly basis and is valid for that calendar month.
  6. You are required to redeem the Benefit voucher and pay via Zapper to enable your discount.
  7. Unless otherwise specified, any unused redemptions may be accumulated for that calendar month and may be used once per day per restaurant. 
  8. The 2 for 1 Coffee Benefit: 
    1. can only be redeemed at participating partners. We shall be entitled, in our sole and absolute discretion, to amend the list of participating partners from time to time. We shall endeavour to promptly update the list of participating partners as and when any changes are made. You are required to check the list of participating partners to confirm availability every time prior to utilising the Benefit;
    2. is based on the participating partners standard prices. Partners reserve the right to restrict the usage of any special offer, promotion, gift card, voucher or loyalty program in conjunction with the Benefit; 
    3. is applicable to all non-alcoholic hot beverages e.g. cappuccino, latte, coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc; 
    4. may be redeemed in-store or via takeaway (where it is offered); 
    5. may not be used in conjunction with the 2 for 1 Dining Benefit (where applicable); 
    6. may not be used for any purchases other than the stated purpose;
  9. In all instances whereby you do not qualify for the Benefit discount, you are required to uncheck your voucher prior to paying with Zapper. 
  10. You are required to redeem the Benefit voucher and pay via Zapper to: 
    1. authorise your membership (invalid memberships will be declined authorization); 
    2. enable your discount. 
  11. Membership is non-transferable. Partners reserve the right to ask for proof of ID. Benefit validity will be checked and an invalid membership will result in your discount being denied.
  12. Participating partners reserve the right to vary prices, times and availability of the Benefit. 
  13. Crave accepts no responsibility for the quality of service and/or products at any of our partners. Furthermore, Crave will not become involved in any non-Crave related disputes between members and partners.
  14. Failure to adhere to, or any attempt to circumvent the Crave 241 Coffee or Zapper terms and conditions will result in your membership being terminated.


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