Complaints Policy


We at Crave are dedicated to consistently providing all of our customers with exemplary benefits and service. We are committed to the maintenance of a Complaints Policy in order to ensure that our customers are given the best possible service at all times.  We would like to hear from you if we have not accomplished this goal.


Crave maintains an internal complaint resolution system in order to address any complaints that may be registered against us.  Crave takes pride in ensuring that a fair process exists for resolving any complaints related to the provision of such benefits and services.  This is all done in order to give our loyal customers the best possible user experience.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression or communication of dissatisfaction with any of our benefits or services e.g.

  • Where we have failed to provide a benefit as described;
  • Where we misrepresented the product/benefits;
  • Where we treated the Complainant unfairly;
  • etc

Our commitment to the Complainant:

Crave views complaints as vital in refining and improving our systems, procedures and policies, thereby creating a positive customer experience at every contact.

We endeavour to:

  • Make it as easy as possible for our customers to log a complaint;
  • Treat each complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our product or service, which calls for an acknowledgement and response within a reasonable timeframe;
  • Take steps to investigate and respond promptly and politely;
  • Attend to, and resolve any complaints timeously and fairly;
  • Respond appropriately, including acknowledging any faults and apologising where necessary, providing information on any action taken, as well as identifying the learning opportunities presented by each instance; and
  • Review our Complaints Policy as required in order to ensure that it continues to best serve our customers.

When to log a complaint

You may log a complaint at any point should you feel that we have not fulfilled any of our commitments. 

How to log a complaint:

Please contact us utilising any of the following contact methods (email preferable).

  • Crave email address:
  • Crave Call Centre number: 0861 99 0006 (Mon – Fri, 08.00am – 16:30pm)

Please provide the following details:

  • Name & surname.
  • Membership number.
  • Date/s of incident.
  • Details of incident.

Complaint resolution:

Each and every complaint will be responded to within 24 working hours to confirm that we have received and are investigating.  Your complaint will then be allocated to a responsible person.  Your complaint will be thoroughly investigated, in the process of which, we may contact you to corroborate any facts.

Once our investigation is complete, we will contact you with the complaint resolution.


The Crave Team


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