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Crave 2-4-1 Dining

Crave 2-4-1 Dining Voucher

Crave 2-4-1 Coffee Voucher

Crave 2-4-1 Dining and 2-4-1 Dining Voucher

Crave 2-4-1 Dining and 2-4-1 Coffee Voucher

Crave 2-4-1 Dining Voucher and 2-4-1 Coffee Voucher

Crave 2-4-1 Bundle

  1. You must agree to pay a once-off joining fee of R50 where applicable. 
  2. Benefits may be utilised by the Crave member only. Membership is not transferable. 
  3. Debit subscribers: members authorise Crave (Pty) Ltd. to debit their account with the agreed-upon amount on the agreed-upon date. 
  4. Members may begin using their benefits immediately upon receiving their welcome mail. 
  5. Members may not resign telephonically. To resign, members must contact Crave in writing via email or fax (0862621376). Members will receive a confirmation email or SMS in acknowledgment. Should no confirmation be received within 24 working hours, kindly contact Crave telephonically. Debit subscribers: membership fee debits continue until 20 working days' written notice of intent to resign is received by Crave. If an account runs in arrears, one further debit order will still be deducted. Up-front subscribers: membership continues until the term is completed or until 20 working days written notice of intent to resign is served. A refund will be calculated pro-rata and any refund due will be made within 10 working days at the end of the notice period. 
  6. An administration charge of R30 will automatically be raised by debit order in the event of a member's debit order being returned by the bank. 
  7. Debit subscribers: Crave reserves the right to terminate membership should the member default on their subscription fees. In the event of default, the member will forfeit their right to their benefit until such time as the outstanding fees are settled. In the event of a subscription fee default, a double debit will automatically be set up. The amount that will be deducted on the next debit order date as stipulated will be double the monthly premium plus the administration charge. Upon termination, the member will forfeit their right to all benefits. 
  8. Members may not re-join Crave for a period of 180 days subsequent to resignation. Acceptance of new applications will be at the discretion of Crave. 
  9. Crave reserves the right to change or withdraw benefits and discounts at any time. Members will have no claim against Crave in this event. 
  10. Crave reserves the right to refuse benefits and discounts if membership is invalid. 
  11. Crave reserves the right to suspend or terminate a membership if there is any misconduct or fraudulent use. Crave will not be liable for any refunds whatsoever in the case of any suspension or termination. 
  12. Partners may be added or removed from the Crave program, in which event members will be advised via the website. 
  13. Membership fees may be periodically adjusted upon annual renewal. 
  14. Crave processes and terms and conditions may be amended from time to time. 
  15. It is the responsibility of the member to advise Crave in writing of any changes to personal or banking details. Crave will not be held liable for any loss due to missing/incorrect/out-dated personal details. 
  16. Failure to enforce any processes or terms and conditions in any instance will not imply the future lack of enforcement thereof. 
  17. Cooling-off period: members may cancel this contract within five working days of joining Crave. If Crave does not hear from the member within this time, members will be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract. 
  18. The most current information pertaining to Crave is available at

For any queries, please contact us on or 0861 990 006. 

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