Social Responsibility

JAM currently feeds 1 000 000 children a day in Africa. Every time you use your Crave benefits, a contribution will be made to JAM’s cause to help feed a child for an entire day. The more you benefit, the more others in need benefit. 

“Serving Africa is not what we do but who we are. Joint Aid Management (JAM – is an African founded and headquartered, Christian, international humanitarian relief and development organisation, operating sustainable aid programmes targeting the most vulnerable people throughout the African continent. We operate on a fully inclusive basis, without discrimination of race, religion, gender, or political persuasion with a mission to empower Africans to create better lives for themselves.” 

JAM South Africa is focused on the nutrition and education of needy children in Early Childhood Development centres in South Africa. Children receive a Red Bowl of highly nutritious porridge each day that provides 75% of their daily nutritional requirements. With the right food in their tummies they are able to play and learn and meet their developmental milestones. JAM uses their “Complete Community Development Assistance” approach to: 

  • Save lives through the provision of nutritional food, water and sanitation. 
  • Sustain lives through health and social programmes such as HIV/Aids training, small holder farmer assistance, basic skills development, nutrition and health education. 
  • Improve lives through education, technical training and transitional finance. 
  • Create better lives by providing linkages to sustainable commercial business. Help change the world, one Red Bowl at a time


  1. Every time you use your Crave benefit, a contribution will be made to JAM’s cause to feed a child for an entire day.
  2. Jam International (JAM) will handle fulfillment of the distribution of meals on behalf of Crave as per their standard operating procedures. 
  3. Payments from Crave to JAM will be conducted monthly, 10 working days in arrears.
  4. Any unresolved discrepancies that cannot be resolved prior to payment date will result in funds being held until these discrepancies are resolved. 
  5. More details on JAM may be viewed on


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